4D construction animation services

4D construction animation.


Site work, excavation & super-structure illustrated in detail from start to finish.

Our 4D modeling services allow Clients to communicate to project stakeholders how a construction project will impact a site during the lifetime of the project. As simple as a diagram or as complex as a 400-week, 10,000 activity animated construction schedule, IFM has the know how to illustrate the wisdom of your project approach.
At Interface, we work closely with the construction team to understand the project, document unique project challenges and communicate the construction schedule visually. From coast-to-coast the results have helped our Clients win billions of dollars of construction work.

How it works

Going well beyond the typical bar chart schedule, this process analyzes the 3D model of your project in conjunction with a fourth dimension – time – to expose the conflicts in your schedule before you build. 

Why it saves time and money

Interface 4D Scheduling takes the critical path methodology required by construction owners to another level – by communicating the probability of completion for project components, as well as the risk factors to end date.

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