Realtime Virtual Reality

Using cinematic gaming software, such as Unity or Unreal, Interface is able create real-time 3D environments. Real-time navigation allows the user to define the pace and direction of the tour. Real-time environments also allow for the user to interact with the project by changing the lighting, configuration, or materials of a scene. We believe this technology, traditionally focused on gaming, will quickly have a significant impact on the real estate and architeture community, giving clients new ways to experience and understand a building or space long before construction begins.
Realtime Rendering

Realtime VR Presentations

Interactive buttons can be added to allow the user to control phasing options, lighting or materials of the project.
mouse icon
Use your mouse to spin the 3D model around. Click the button to zoom into the 3d model.
realtime rendering

Realtime VR Walk-Thru

Realtime 3D in this example refers to a simulated digital environment in which a user can physically move around, seemingly walking through a proposed design. This approach works particularly well with a headset, such as an Oculus, for an immersive experience.

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