Interface Multimedia and Legence Partner to Create 3D Interactive

Interface Multimedia and Legence Partner to Create 3D Interactive Timeline Showcasing Sustainability Services

February 2, 2023- Interface Multimedia, a leading provider of communication solutions, has been hired by Legence, a Blackstone portfolio company, to design and program an interactive story explaining how they are improving the performance of built environments. The story will showcase Legence's expertise in designing, building, and servicing complex systems in mission-critical and high-performance facilities that reduce carbon emissions, implement renewables, lower utility costs, and optimize system performance.

"We are excited to partner with Legence to create an interactive story that showcases their mission to make the spaces people occupy healthier and more sustainable," said Mark Burlinson, Principal of Interface Multimedia. "Our team is passionate about creating immersive and engaging experiences that help businesses communicate their message effectively, and this project with Legence is a perfect opportunity to do so."

The interactive story will take users on a journey through the built environment, highlighting the ways in which Legence's Energy Transition Accelerator™ is revolutionizing the industry. The story will include interactive elements, such as animations and videos, to explain the technical concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

In addition, the interactive story will feature a 3D interactive timeline of Legence's services and expertise. This timeline will allow users to explore Legence's track record of success and experience in reducing carbon emissions, implementing renewables, lowering utility costs, and optimizing system performance.

The interactive story will be available on Legence's website, Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration between Interface Multimedia and Legence.

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