The High Road Foundation

Monorail. Overlooked no more.


Interface designed a campaign of marketing materials help educate the public about the benefits of monorail within the I-270 corridor of Montgomery County, MD.

Interface worked with Bob Eisinger of Promark Partners to craft a marketing campaign to reintroduce monorail to the U.S.. Worldwide 42 urban monorail systems are operating today carrying millions of passengers to work each day. Advances in technology and changing priorities make monorail an alternative worth considering today. The Metropolitan DC area is crippled by traffic congestion, much like other similarly-sized regions. With our team of 3D Artists, Animators, Graphic Designers, Videographers and Editors, Interface helped the Foundation craft their message through words, artwork and animations to drive home the important points of this complicated proposal. Once the presentations and multiple videos were created, Interface designed a comprehensive website to feature these tools as well as compiling detailed information on how the multiple facets of this proposal would work.
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